Friday, August 26, 2011

YEE Gingerbread Droid 2

thank god it has been confirmed that the droid 2 gingerbread ota update is ready were just waiting now. i am willing to give the new blur a try and will be reporting all my finds later. i am running cyanogen mod but that can wait remember that is only a nightly.


Touch Pads 99$

I see HP going nowhere with web OS even though they announced that it was dead i still think its a good buy because the android community is going to take control. i thing this will be supported by many roms in the future. there has been proof android has came preinstalled on some of the touchpaads now if only we can figure out now. if you know how there is a 1500$ bounty. please comment below. sorry for the ait ive been really busy in my life and now am less stressed and ready to blog.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Buy or Wait?

i say wait and what do you think i am talking about? android of coarse. gingerbread is getting old even though not a lot of phones are even using that i say just wait. ice cream sandwich is supposed to be the savior of the android platform. android has always been fragmented but this update should stop it. this update should also bring your home closer to you with smart technologies like light bulbs that are wifi and should also bring new nfc technologies. so wait dont buy.

-Max Fadia

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Just received my invite and i will be telling you all about it in a latter blog post so come back latter for a review.

-Max Fadia

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Linux Post

     This week in the Linux world not a lot of newz but ill share. at omg Ubuntu they take a look at Samsung's first chrome-book  next their is an elementary music app that has been updated and i am loving that album art view. next let me talk about distro releases and updates. cent os, pardus, sabayon, free nas,  linvo, pclinuxos, and kongoni.that was about it this week check next week i am hoping that it wont be as slow of a week.


Online Music Stores?

which one do you use? iTunes, amazon, or streaming services like rhapsody. iTunes changed their pricing a few years ago to have a 3 tier system songs that would cost 69 cents, 99 cents, and 1.29$. the problem is most of the songs are 1.29$. next amazon is selling their songs for the same price pretty much. the better thing though is that you get the cloud player that allows you to stream music to different devices. now the cheapest of them all is rhapsody which is a monthly subscription. but if your the person that dose not buy a lot of music this might be the wrong move for you. see those are the major stores. Google has leaked some stuff that they might have a music market so keep looking for that. so tell me your comments below. thanks for reading


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cloud Music

     who will be the winner of the age of the cloud? do you even know what cloud is? let me give you the low down. there is not really a cloud in the sky that has all your files. there are storage facilities around the world that store your files and they allow you to access the files through the internet. anyways going to the music topic. right now it seams like everyone is trying to push some sort of music storage locker. each company has different wars of approaching this. Google is storing all your music on the cloud and allowing you to listen it on 7 devices. out of all of them this one is my favorite because of the massive 20000 song limit.

      Next is amazon they are streaming songs that you purchase from amazon and you can purchase a data package to upload your songs. in my opinion i do not think people want to purchase songs by album or single still.

     Apple is doing no streaming and not allowing songs to be acsesed through the web. they are taking your music and distributing it to the devices through a internet connection. you still need physical memory for this so this approach is different but may be more reliable.

      Last is groove shark they are doing something amazing they are letting you stream all the music you can and your own and even download playlists for your iPod for a 10$ monthly charge. its your decision though pick a service that fits you best