Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Android Task Killer

My thought was that android task killers were to close apps and save battery. i was thinking why is there multitasking if people are always killing their apps. this is my problem. different operating systems like windows, i OS  and web OS have different ways of dealing with this. web OS has the deck of cards feature where you flick the card out of the deck and the app is closed, windows just click the x and it closes, i OS is the little x in the corner of the app when in the app switching menu but what about android. android was the first operating system to bring this feature to a phone and also the only phone operating system with task killers. cant people actually trust your phones to handle tasks by its self. android is an advance OS with features that take care of managing apps for you but why is there task killers you might add? i do not know but will android ever make a unified task manager not a task killer to manually manage apps will say but this topic brings more questions does i OS and web OS have apen applications that are actually open but appear closed or not please comment on your opinion of task killing, managing, or task killers


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