Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mac Book Air 2011 Refresh

there is supposed to be a mac book air refresh in mid July Said Mac Rumors. there should be intel's new low powered sandy bridge processors. the mac book air to me is a great deal. i think it can get people into the world of apple at a good price point. i love android for my phones and tablets but for computers i think os x has came a long way. the new mac book air should be pre loaded with os x lion apples new operating system update with the awesome new feature mission control but any ways i am a Linux user and i love it i still think it has to mature still and when it does i am hoping that it gets spread mainstream. so should you hold off till mid July for a new mac book air. YESSSSSSS!!!!! if you get one now with a crappy old Intel core 2 duo processor you will be sorry. 


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