Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Linux Post

Every Friday i will be doing quick fast news on the world of linux. first distro watch shows that more than 14 Linux distros have been released. some of them are Deepin, pclinuxos, untangle, FreeNas, Mandriva, Zentyal, and Fusion. Next I guess facebook does not like KDE apps, tablets comeing with ubuntu pre installed, if you want to help the ubuntu community 100 paper cuts is starting again, new scroll bars (that remind me of os x), all this info from omg ubuntu so if you want more info check it out there. last quick bits are from jordan from his website he has been going through a hard time with his youtube partnership and could use your help check his videos out on his blip tv account and he has plenty of linux news when you want it so check his website out.


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