Friday, July 1, 2011

How To: Cyanogenmod 7 on droid 2

first you need
boot strap:
cm 7 rom:
google apps:
go to market download rom manager for free
and you need to be rooted

first connect your droid via usb to your computer
next transfer bootstrap, cm7 rom and google apps to your phone
next open up rom manager and click flash clockwwork mod for droid 2
then click boot recovery
then go to bootstrap and click enter boot recovery
then using the volume keys to go up and down and power button to go back go to install zip file
find the cyanogen rom
click it install it make sure you do a factory data reset and wipe all data
after installed now you need your app market and everything
go back into recovery and go to install a zip file
install the google apps file
now reboot and your done
any questions email me


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