Monday, July 4, 2011

SSD Memory

what is ssd memory? it means that it is solid state. what are the benefits of ssd? if you are using a ssd you might experience faster speeds in booting the operating system, opening apps, closing apps. then why does not everyone have a ssd? ssd are very expensive for a little amount of memory. a 256 GB ssd can cost 1000 dollars when you can get a 300 GB sata drive for 300 dollars. so there are good and bad things with this. as we go into the future more and more people are storing files in the cloud so we can see an increase of ssd in the future. macotakara a company that makes ssd are making a ssd that can extend a laptops battery for over an hour. so in my opinion ssd is a good thing. what is your opinion? leave a comment.


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