Tuesday, June 28, 2011


my opinion for this is great. i use every Google product and i finally want to stop using Facebook. i think the biggest problem Google is going to be facing is getting people to use this. i have an idea how to take on Google. i know this can be a great social networking tool if Google takes my steps. first i think cross platform is the answer. i know people love blackberry for BBM ( black Berry Messenger) and i wish i had that for android. if Google did this everyone could be happy. next i think they should just advertise the crap out of this one every website and get people hyped up for this. and last Google needs to make this different from everything else. there needs to be that one killer feature that people are going to want to make the switch for and i think there doing that with the circles thing. for more info check this vid out https://plus.google.com/up/start/?sw=1&type=st


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