Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Verizon Tiered Data

most people on Verizon are aware of the tiered data that will be coming in July. i am one of those people. my contract ends July 11 and its 4 days after the new changes. i want to upgrade phones but do not want to pay 30 dollars for a lousy 2 GB of data. i have been looking into sprint and am very happy to say i will be switching there. i am on a family plan for 4 people and the price is 170 dollars with unlimited messaging and data. i pay more for 4 people with one person not having data. i am also a android fan boy (really love android : P ). and i like how sprint has the nexus s. i think i am going to wait till ice cream sandwich comes out and see how i like that then switch if Verizon makes me pay for tiered data.


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